EyeWorks helps businesses to reduce the downtime of their production assets and improves overall efficiency with live reporting and works orders tools.

Easy to use software solution built for production teams who want to make managing works orders and preventative maintenance simple.


Powerful asset management

  • Reduce asset downtime

  • Measure your OEE

  • Schedule maintenance plans

EyeWorks allows you to manage all of your production line assets, monitor their up/down time and assess their efficiency over any period of time. Preventative maintenance scheduling and reminders ensures that assets are kept healthy and operational for the longest possible time.

Reduce asset downtime

With live reporting tools and notifications, your engineering team and respond quickly to any works order or breakdown request. Automated shift reports keep a record of all activities over set periods of time.


Measure your OEE

Using the reports and dashboards you and put together an overall picture of how efficient your assets and engineering team and highlight weaknesses in your setup. Use one OEE figure, or break this down by production line or individual asset.

Bespoke system features

EyeWorks can be modified to fit precisely around your business shape, size and requirements. The administration tools allow you to manage the day to day operations, and custom developments can be made to the system by our in-house development team.


System features

The EyeWorks system comes packed with ready-to-use features. Its custom nature means you can add more features to suit your business's particular needs.

Asset, engineer and Works Orders management

Live asset / production line status

Dashboards with summaries

Details reports

Near miss & Hazard reporting

Part request forms

Shift reports

Preventative maintenance scheduling

Email and SMS notification

Bespoke features on request

Testimonials from EyeWorks customers

Adam Cook

Chaucer Foods

The Eyeworks system has been one of the main contributing factors which has significantly reduced the factories down time by two thirds and vastly increased productivity.

Christian Wilson

J Rotherham

With the help of Eyeweb world-class engineering portal, J Rotherham continues to grow from strength to strength, Eyeweb will continue to develop systems that help transform not only the engineering function but the company as a whole. This would not have been possible with the dedication and support from the Eyeweb team.

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Eyeweb is a modern digital agency established in 2002. Our riverside studio based in Hessle, East Yorkshire, houses our team of creatives who specialise in branding, web design, custom development solutions and digital marketing.

We produced EyeWorks because we spotted a gap in the market for a powerful and customisable works order tool. Having deployed EyeWorks at two large local businesses, the system has proved to be extremely efficient and vital to their operations.

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